adj., n., & adv.
—adj. (longer; longest)
1 measuring much from end to end in space or time; not soon traversed or finished (a long line; a long journey; a long time ago).
2 (following a measurement) in length or duration (2 metres long; the vacation is two months long).
3 relatively great in extent or duration (a long meeting).
4 a consisting of a large number of items (a long list). b seemingly more than the stated amount; tedious, lengthy (ten long miles; tired after a long day).
5 of elongated shape.
6 a lasting or reaching far back or forward in time (a long friendship). b (of a person's memory) retaining things for a long time.
7 far-reaching; acting at a distance; involving a great interval or difference.
8 Phonet. & Prosody of a vowel or syllable: a having the greater of the two recognized durations. b stressed. c (of a vowel in English) having the pronunciation shown in the name of the letter (as in pile and cute which have a long i and u, as distinct from pill and cut) (cf. SHORT adj. 6).
9 (of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a low level of probability.
10 Stock Exch. a (of stocks) bought in large quantities in advance, with the expectation of a rise in price. b (of a broker etc.) buying etc. on this basis.
11 (of a bill of exchange) maturing at a distant date.
12 (of a cold drink) large and refreshing.
13 colloq. (of a person) tall.
14 (foll. by on) colloq. well supplied with.
1 a long interval or period (shall not be away for long; it will not take long).
2 Phonet. a a long syllable or vowel. b a mark indicating that a vowel is long.
3 a long-dated stock. b a person who buys this.
—adv. (longer; longest)
1 by or for a long time (long before; long ago; long live the king!).
2 (following nouns of duration) throughout a specified time (all day long).
3 (in compar.; with neg.) after an implied point of time (shall not wait any longer).
Phrases and idioms:
as (or so) long as
1 during the whole time that.
2 provided that; only if. at long last see LAST(1). before long fairly soon (shall see you before long). be long (often foll. by pres. part. or in + verbal noun) take a long time; be slow (was long finding it out; the chance was long in coming; I shan't be long). by a long chalk see CHALK.
in the long run
1 over a long period.
2 eventually; finally. long ago in the distant past. long-ago adj. that is in the distant past.
the long and the short of it
1 all that can or need be said.
2 the eventual outcome. long-case clock a grandfather clock. long-chain (of a molecule) containing a chain of many carbon atoms. long-dated (of securities) not due for early payment or redemption. long-day (of a plant) needing a long daily period of light to cause flowering.
1 (of a telephone call, public transport, etc.) between distant places.
2 (of a weather forecast) long-range. long division division of numbers with details of the calculations written down. long dozen thirteen. long-drawn (or -drawn-out) prolonged, esp. unduly. long face a dismal or disappointed expression. long-faced with a long face.
long field Cricket
1 = long off.
2 = long on.
3 the part of the field behind the bowler. long figure (or price) a heavy cost.
long haul
1 the transport of goods or passengers over a long distance.
2 a prolonged effort or task. long-headed shrewd, far-seeing, sagacious. long-headedness being long-headed. long hop a short-pitched easily hit ball in cricket. long hundredweight see HUNDREDWEIGHT. long in the tooth rather old (orig. of horses, from the recession of the gums with age). long johns colloq. underpants with full-length legs. long-jump an athletic contest of jumping as far as possible along the ground in one leap.
long leg Cricket
1 a fielder far behind the batsman on the leg side.
2 this position. long-legged speedy. long-life (of consumable goods) treated to preserve freshness. long-lived having a long life; durable. long measure a measure of length (metres, miles, etc.).
long metre
1 a hymn stanza of four lines with eight syllables each.
2 a quatrain of iambic tetrameters with alternate lines rhyming.
long off (or on) Cricket
1 a fielder far behind the bowler and towards the off (or on) side.
2 his position. long-player a long-playing record. long-playing (of a gramophone record) playing for about 20-30 minutes on each side.
1 (of a missile etc.) having a long range.
2 of or relating to a period of time far into the future. long-running continuing for a long time. long ship hist. a long narrow warship with many rowers, used esp. by the Vikings.
long shot
1 a wild guess or venture.
2 a bet at long odds.
3 Cinematog. a shot including objects at a distance. long sight the ability to see clearly only what is comparatively distant. long-sleeved with sleeves reaching to the wrist. long-standing that has long existed; not recent. long-suffering bearing provocation patiently. long-sufferingly in a long-suffering manner.
long suit
1 many cards of one suit in a hand (esp. more than 3 or 4 in a hand of 13).
2 a thing at which one excels. long-term occurring in or relating to a long period of time (long-term plans). long-time that has been such for a long time. long ton see TON(1). long tongue loquacity. long vacation Brit. the summer vacation of lawcourts and universities. long waist a low or deep waist of a dress or body. long wave a radio wave of frequency less than 300 kHz. not by a long shot by no means.
longish adj.
Etymology: OE long, lang
v.intr. (foll. by for or to + infin.) have a strong wish or desire for.
Etymology: OE langian seem long to

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